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Editorial Mission

To break through publishing barriers by providing high-quality editing that gives writers a competitive edge

freelance editing

I offer a free, no-obligation sample edit—so contact me today!

As a writer, Breakout editor Dori Harrell understands authors. Their works are their babies. She recognizes each has an individual voice. Her personal library includes the same writing books as yours. She knows you want to publish your book or project with confidence, and it's her mission to provide suggestions for well-structured, error-free manuscripts and content that give writers a competitive edge in today's publishing marketplace.


She’s well-published as a writer and editor. Her published editing works include:


  • novels

  • novellas

  • nonfiction

  • children’s books

  • memoirs

  • short stories

  • website content

  • blogs

  • newsletters


For Dori, editing is more than a vocation; it's an avocation. Simply put, she loves it. She’s addicted to the Chicago Manual of Style and the Associated Press Stylebook and is the type who instantly recognizes the difference between a compound adjective and a compound predicate adjective—and knows which one to hyphenate! Dori is committed to her turnaround times and wants to improve your chances of publishing success.


From Dori: I look forward to talking with you about your project and to providing a free, no-obligation sample edit of 5 pages (1,250 words) of your manuscript. Your sample will be returned within 24 hours and will include a brief critique. All editing packages include blurb editing as a courtesy (Dori is an experienced blurb writer and editor). Who knows—you could be the next Breakout author! Contact me today.


Personal note to indie authors: I enjoy working with indie authors, and I believe the self-publishing marketplace is exploding and a fantastic opportunity for talented writers to distinguish themselves. But the only way they’ll really break out is with top-notch editing. Read more.


Personal note to bloggers: I love it when blog writers care enough about their audience to have their posts proofread. As an avid reader of blogs, from agents and authors to knitting and running, I only bookmark the well-written and well-edited sites. Proofreading instantly improves the quality of your blog. I look forward to working with you! Contact me with any questions.


freelance editor writing books

A few of the writing books in Dori's personal library.

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