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Fiction Content Editing Package

$.04 per word (content edit, copyedit, double-check)

Prices quoted are approximate. For fiction, Dori's content edit is her No. 1 selling package, and in 2023 she completed more than 10 content edits.)


Content Editing Package—$.04 per word, depending on length and amount of edits required

-Turnaround time: 15 to 45 business days for the first phase, depending on length and amount of edits needed
-Includes a comprehensive first-round edit, a second-round copyedit and a double-check step


Content editing refers to the big picture—a detailed editing process and overview of characters, plot, POV, theme, scenes, pacing and voice. All suggestions will be made and tracked using the Microsoft Word Track Changes feature.

The Content Editing Package includes a detailed editorial review with recommendations on the development of


  • characters (Do they grow and change as the story progresses? Is their dialogue natural and effective?)

  • plot (Does the plot generate tension and anticipation? Is the conflict compelling? Is there too little action and too much monologue? Do multiple plot points reach resolution?)

  • point of view (Does POV remain within acceptable guidelines? Are there POV inconsistencies?)

  • scene and story structure (Do the scenes drive the plot, characters and story toward the climax? Are they well structured? Does the setting advance the plot and provide forward motion for the characters?)

  • pacing (Does the manuscript flow at a tempo that keeps readers riveted to the plot? Is there too much backstory? Are there any word or phrase repetitions?)

  • theme (Is the theme relevant throughout the story line?)

  • author's signature voice (Is the author's tone evident throughout the story? Are there ways it could be enhanced?)


The Content Editing Package is a three-step process:


  1. The manuscript receives a comprehensive edit and is returned to the author with recommendations and a detailed review. The author rewrites or makes revisions and emails the revised document to Dori.

  2. The text is copyedited and sent to the author, who makes corrections and emails the fixed manuscript to the editor.

  3. Dori then double-checks the revisions and the entire document. This double-check process distinguishes Breakout services.


Breakout Editing recommends the Content Editing Package for writers who have conscientiously self-edited their works. It includes a full edit and review of the seven points mentioned above and any other aspects worth noting, a second round copyedit and a double-check step. The editorial review will be 8–15 pages. Dori will edit any length of text.


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Book a Copyediting, Content Editing or Proofreading package and Dori will edit your book blurb (or blurbs) as a courtesy. With content edits, she also provides courtesy edits for your book synopsis and your query to agents or publishers (if you're trying to publish traditionally).

Free Blurb Editing

Good-faith deposit: Once a project is confirmed between Dori and the client, at least half the funds (as a show of good faith) will be required before the official start date. For a content edit, the balance will be due at the start of the copyediting phase. If you have questions or would like to work out another option with Dori, just ask.

Payment: Dori accepts Zelle, PayPal, checks, or money orders. Author is responsible for fees. All funds must be in US dollars. Once payment has been confirmed, editing will begin on the agreed-upon start date.


Billing: A PDF or email invoice will be emailed to the client at the start of the editing.

Breakout practices consistent, clear communication with its clients and informs them when editing begins and when it's near completion.



For book-length fiction and most nonfiction, as well as essays and short stories, Dori recommends the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition, and the Merriam-Webster dictionary. These style guides are industry standards and Dori is well-versed in both. She's the type who instantly recognizes the difference between an en dash and an em dash and between past tense and past perfect tense.


For blogs, websites, pamphlets, brochures, etc., Dori recommends the Associated Press Stylebook and the Webster's New World dictionary. Shorter works typically need a more abbreviated style. As a former full-time journalist, Dori is acutely aware of AP style. But she still prefers to italicize book titles.


Style Manuals
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