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Editorial Mission

To break through publishing barriers by providing high-quality, deadline-oriented editing that gives authors a competitive edge

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I offer a free, no-obligation sample edit—so contact me today!

Personal note to indie authors: I particularly enjoy working with indie authors, and I believe the self-publishing marketplace is exploding and a fantastic opportunity for talented writers to distinguish themselves. But the only way they’ll really break out is with top-notch editing.


Writing is highly personal. For me, editing is equally so. It’s my goal to develop a relationship with you and your manuscript. I’ll champion your book and treat your writing with the intensity and care it deserves. That's why I formed Breakout Editing—to support authors pursuing excellence.


Like you, I wrote a book (a short novel), and I hired a content editor, copyeditor, and proofreader—and was so pleased with the results (Dori's author website). I believe well-edited manuscripts catapult writers to a higher level of professionalism and declare to your readers that you intend to give them the best possible reading experience. As a reader and editor, it means a great deal to me that you aspire to publish a superior product.


As a bonus, Breakout Editing packages include blurb editing as a courtesy. Who knows—you could be the next Breakout author! Contact me with any questions.


freelance editor's bookshelf

A few of the writing books in Dori's personal library.

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