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 A free, no-obligation sample edit of 5 pages of your manuscript.

Dori writes and edits full time, and as an editor she releases over 25 books per year. Dori enjoys working with publishers and indie authors. She serves as managing editor of Redemption Press and also edits for Kregel Publications and Gemma Halliday Publishing. A multiple-award-winning writer, Dori indie published her debut novel in 2017 and has published more than 1,000 articles in newspapers and magazines nationwide.

Breakout Editing freelalnce editor Dori Harrell


Content editing refers to the big picture, a comprehensive overview of plot, characters, pacing, POV, structure, voice, and theme. Read more.

Copyediting fine-tunes a manuscript and prepares it for publication. It covers style, syntax, verb choices, grammar, spelling, punctuation and format, among others. Read more.

Breakout Editing Services

Proofreading follows copyediting and is the polish before publishing. It corrects grammar, spelling, punctuation, numbers, hyphenation and dashes. Read more.

Editorial Mission

To break through publishing barriers by providing high-quality, deadline-oriented editing that gives writers a competitive edge.

Nonfiction content editing focuses on the author's theme, message, goals, structure and format. Read more.

The clock ticking? Professional, quality editing on a tight deadline—all in a day's work for a former journalist! Fast turnaround on blogs, websites, articles and novellas. Read more.

Freelance Editor Dori Harrell
Editing Testimonials

Nonfiction copyediting targets the technical aspects of a manuscript—sentence structure, syntax, spelling, grammar and punctuation, among others. Read more.

Proofreading is the final stage and picks up all the leftover pesky, technical matters in regard to spelling, punctuation, grammar, numbers and dashes. Read more.

Documents Breakout Edits
  • novels and novellas in multiple genres (no erotica)

  • children's, middle grade, and YA books

  • nonfiction, self-help, memoirs

  • blogs, website content

  • submissions to agents and publishers

  • pamphlets, newsletters, brochures

  • articles, essays

  • short stories

Select Titles of Recent Breakout Projects
Free Blurb Editing

Book a Copyediting, Content Editing or Proofreading package and Dori will edit your book blurb (or blurbs) as a courtesy. With content edits, she also provides courtesy edits for your book synopsis and your query to agents or publishers (if you're trying to publish traditionally).

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